Welcome, Gresties!

Unless you're obsessed with Greta van Fleet already, you might be wondering what a Grestie is. Unclear of how the term originated, we know it makes sense. It's the definition of a Greta van Fleet fan/bestie: A Grestie. 😁

Grestie Girls Logo

And a Grestie Girl? Just the three of us (mom and two daughters) who love what the band stands for. This is a fan page where you can find fun products that resonate with the peace, love, and unity that ooze from the boys' music and live performances. You HAVE seen them live, haven't you? If not, do put it on your bucket list. I thought they would NEVER come to Canada with The Battle at Garden's Gate tour, but they DID. And we were there. 

Life changing. And it's hard to put into words, even for this Greta van Elder 😋 who has actually been to a huge amount of concerts by some of the big performers (Pink Floyd, Queen, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, to name a few). The boys rate right up there. 

It's all about the energy. The vibe. 

I found the music of Greta van Fleet post-pandemic, when the world changed for everyone, and when many of us were in need of the breath of fresh air that they are. Young, sensitive, beautiful, loving, and peaceful masculine energy. 

It's what the world needs right now 🧡