About Us

Grestie Girls was created by a mom and two daughters who happen to love Greta van Fleet and all that the Peaceful Army stands for: peace, love, unity, rainbows, freedom of expression, and courage to live the life you desire. Sometimes this looks like rainbows, tie-dye, The Battle at Garden's Gate symbols, 420-friendly, images of the boys' beautiful faces, and general psychedelia :) 🍄

Each product we design is created with the intention of spreading peace, love, and unity around the globe. We have a vision of a world that lives in accordance to these values, and giving them voice is meant to be a beacon, for others to recognize and follow. 

We hope you enjoy the products in our store. as much as you love the music of Greta van Fleet. They were made with loving intention, which we hope you can feel when you hold them in your hands. And if you are new to the Peaceful Army, SO happy to have you join us. I hope you'll give yourself a good look around and enjoy the visit. 

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