How I Use Oracle Cards In Daily Life

How I Use Oracle Cards In Daily Life

I'm always curious if anyone else uses oracle cards just as a daily tool of transformation. There always seems to be some sort of mystery to them, and I think this misconception keeps a lot of people away from using this super-helpful tool to deepen their understanding of themselves. 

It takes a little courage to get started, but it doesn't need to. I would love it if oracle cards became a normal, everyday thing for anyone who wanted to use them. I remember asking a close friend if they used oracle cards, and their response surprised me. So naturally reflective and self-aware, they said they had not used them simply because they didn't know how.

I've always been naturally curious, I guess. I found oracle cards to be fascinating. Beautiful art with unique messages that always seemed just what I needed to hear. I thought I would share my card with you today and demonstrate how I use them. 

I started my morning with a little social media scrolling. Just a little today. I've been terribly time-wastey of late with this practice, and am working diligently on letting that habit go by replacing it with other health giving practices, like journaling and oracle card use. So today, after journaling (which was, WOW, so insightful), I pulled out my deck of Colette Baron Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. 

Let me preface this with a synopsis of my journaling practice this morning. I started out with not saying much in particular. Just getting some "this is where I'm at" words down. But then I began to write from what seemed to be outside of myself. Was definitely channelling...still me, but from outside of my small self. In general, what poured out was a script of sorts. Like a little self-love rant I could see myself sharing with the world. Frightened and thrilled at the same time. Anyway....

The card I pulled was 21. The Wise Woman of Wonderland. And, to quote from the booklet: 

Wise Woman of Wonderland from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Card Deck

So how do I USE this message? It's like an affirmative head nod from the Universe. I wrote in my journal something that is true for me to share. While I was writing about it, I had simultaneous visions of how I was going to share it, thoughts of being true to myself, showing up as my true self, what that looked like, why it is important to sacrifice our suffering and just SHOW UP. This is big encouragement, and makes me know that I am not alone on this crazy, mixed up for the most of it, path called my life. What I hear is, "Stay on course. Do the thing. Love yourself."

And I know MY part in this is to keep showing up where I want to grow up. Keep showing up in the daily practices that serve me - journaling, yoga, meditation, oracle cards, creating an environment that pleases my senses. 
And using oracle cards is THAT easy. Focus on an area of your life, shuffle the deck, pull a card with intention and see what it has to say for you. 

Not much mystery after all, is it?

I made an oracle card journal page that can be accessed HERE. This will take you to a page where you enter your first name and email. Then you'll be provided with a link to download the page. Print off as many copies as you want. I only ask that you not copy or share with others. Of course, you can direct people to the page to download their own pdf copy. :) I'd love that. 

I hope this is taken some of the mystery out of this transformative tool.  If you already use oracle cards, comment below what your favourite deck is. I actually don't HAVE one fave. If you're anything like me, you have a couple of decks to choose from. Looking forward to hearing from you, and grab that journal page. It helped me a lot.

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